At Mastin Labs, we are here to help you achieve consistent, beautiful edits across the human body of work, and do it in record time. We have made our presets to produce editing all of your photos a breeze using our three-step workflow. All our packs is ideal for a various aesthetic motif, and should you want a Bright and sleek look, Adventure Everyday Original is your tool for the job. Adventure Everyday Original comprises three movie emulation presets according to Kodak movies: Ektar 100, Gold 200, along with Tri-X 400. If you are trying to choose which Mastin Labs preset pack to try first, Adventure Everyday Original is a great starting place. Ektar 100 Ektar 100 has claimed its place as a community favorite because of its warm and bold colours and defined comparison. It is the very soaked preset Mastin Labs creates, and it really sets the»vibrant» in Bright and Vivid. Ektar 100 is Fantastic for holiday photos, summery vibes, dinosaur birthday parties, and whatever you would like to shout»fun and colorful.» Transferring to Bali and want to Mastin Labs Presets pl highlight the cerulean water and incredible sunsets from the photographs from your trip? Give Ektar an attempt! Gold 200 Gold 200 has a similar color palette to Ektar 100 but dialed down a notch. Where Ektar yells, Gold whispers. Saturation is somewhat subdued, and while still a warm movie preset, Gold a less intense heat compared to Ektar. Gold 200 could impart a fabulous»classic,» nostalgic sensation to your photographs. If you grew up in the’80s or’90s, this is most likely the picture of your youth photographs. Gold 200 is superb flexible, because it flatters a variety of skin tones which is perfect for images of daily life. Ektar could be the superstar, however Gold 200 is the sleeper hit. Tri-X 400 Tri-X 400 is a classic black and white movie. It is one of the brighter white and black film presets we create, therefore it’s excellent for high-key black and white photographs. However, you can shed the exposure somewhat if you’d prefer a moodier look. Tri-X rounds out the Adventure Everyday Original pack, making it a really versatile pair of presets.