Welcome to your Pokémon Black and White in-game grade listing! The objective of the list is to rate every Pokémon from Unova in one of the six tiers, from S to E, every vaguely discovering its viability. The significant factor below which each is ranked is efficacy; a Pokémon that is efficient provides faster and simpler solutions to major battles, including Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and N and Ghetsis in the Pokémon League, compared to ones that are inefficient. Pokémon in higher ranks, like fast and A, are thought to be very effective, while people in lower tiers, like E and D, are considered not quite effective.

Which will be the tiers?

You will find 6 tiers on this list:

Pokémon are ranked under the following 5 factors:

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What tools is the participant permitted to use?

The participant is allowed to use any valid means within the capsule for completing the game efficiently. The participant is only allowed to exchange to evolve Pokémon and not to receive outside help differently. The participant is permitted to use things like X products, Potions, TMs, and Berries. Keep in mind that items have opportunity costs associated with them and may negatively contribute to a Pokémon’s rank if it requires plenty of objects, such as two or even more.

Under what terms were Pokémon tested?

Each Pokémon was analyzed and rated under these extra conditions:


Reserved for Pokémon that have the highest levels of efficiency. Pokémon inside this tier are able to OHKO or 2HKO a overwhelming majority of foes, restrict the amount of strikes used against them, and function with minimal reliance on things to conquer opponents at similar levels. These Pokémon typically show up before the late-game, and some other defects they are completely composed by their own advantages.