If there isn’t you’ll absolutely have to make sure this is in place before you fit the motherboard inside the case. But first make sure the motherboard risers are in place in the mounting tray of your case. These are the little stands that the motherboard screws into.

Consult this AMD vs. Intel guide if you still on the fence on whether you should go red or blue. To prepare your PC’s OS ahead of time, determine Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 which OS you want to install on your PC and download the installer on a USB flash drive. If you are installing a paid OS such as Windows, you will need a product key. The MSI PE62-7RE-2024XIN is a DOS laptop with a 15.60-inch display.

Other specifications include 8GB of RAM, a 1TB HDD, and a 2.20kg weight. The Acer Nitro 5 AN R8SH is a Windows 10 Home laptop with a 15.60-inch display.

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Your case will likely have these already in place for an ATX design, but you might have to rearrange them if you’re installing a smaller motherboard. If you were to install the board directly into the metal of the case then you’d probably end up frying the silicon out of your poor little PC bits. We’re starting with the power supply and the water cooler’s radiator as they’re the bulkiest of parts and will need to be installed before anything else gets in the way. If you’re using an air cooler, of course, you can just install the PSU for this step.

You don’t need storage here as we’re just making sure you can boot into the motherboard BIOS to ensure the main parts are out-of-the-box perfect. If you can get into the BIOS without issue then you’re golden, and can shut down, taking everything apart, but leaving the CPU, cooler bracket, and RAM in place for installation later. Build it yourself and there are no limits apart from your imagination. It will also foster a beautiful little bond between you and the new gaming PC you helped bring into the world. Most power supplies from the bigger names are generally good, but we wouldn’t recommend that you put your money in anything with a warranty of fewer than five years or an efficiency rating below 80 Plus Gold .

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If you’re looking for other SSD options, then be sure to check out our guide on the best SSD for gaming. An NVMe M.2 SSD offers swift access to your data, and the Addlink S70 delivers that snappy response at an exceptionally agreeable price. Fitted with 512GB worth of NAND flash, there’s enough space for your operating system, applications, and a handful of games, too. For more information, check out our guide to the best gaming DDR4 RAM options in 2020. It may look like a piece of modern art, but the 5700 XT was a relatively easy pick for this level of build and a solid replacement for the Nvidia 2060 Super.

Our build is mostly looking to push 60fps at 1080p, which is where this particular GPU excels, and at a lower price point than the 2060 Super, the choice was clear. Ultimately we went with the 3600 because it gave us the best bang for our buck and some additional room to expand into more powerful 3rd gen AMD CPUs down the line. To keep costs down, we opted to go with AMD over Intel for now. The AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen processor we went with offers great value for money right now, with plenty of speedy cores to handle your multi-threaded apps and the latest games.