Home News Mobile Phones (Picture credit: Apple, Google and Huawei) The ideal camera phone in 2020 is able to shoot photographs which you can’t believe come from a smartphone. You’re getting ease of use, flexibility and a pocketable design that not a the greatest mirrorless camera may provide you. At TechRadar we examine smartphone cameras extensively, taking images in the various modes and from different lenses and detectors some other device possess. This helps us figure out how every camera fares in the real world, so we’ve made this record of the best camera phones to help you pick which is right for you. The specs and skills of a camera on a phone are important, after all, but they don’t tell (or take ) the entire picture – post-processing and image optimisation can vary quite a touch by telephone, and this can be instrumental in choosing a good picture. Additionally things like the access to microSD slots, video quality and modes, and big shortcomings in the phone like inferior battery life, can affect how great a phone would be right for photography. So to help you, we have compiled this list of the greatest camera phones, which we have tested extensively, to assist you when it comes to deciding on your camera phone. Note: We’ve just finished the Samsung Galaxy Notice 20 Ultra inspection and Top 8 World’s Best Camera Phones of 2019 Specs and Prices we’ll be adding it on our best camera phone list shortly. It is surely Samsung’s greatest phone in terms of specs — even though it’s expensive — also contains a 5x optical and 50x digital zoom which rivals everything Huawei can do. Stay tuned for an update to our positions. Want to understand more about dual-cameras? Check out our video over. (Picture credit: Huawei)1. Huawei P40 ProThe P40 Pro has superb cameras, but it is not the very best phoneRelease date: 2020 | Main camera50MP (f/1. 9) | Telephoto: 12MP (f/3. 4) | Ultra-wide: 40MP (f/1. 8) | OIS: Yup | Front camera: 32MP | Weight: 209g | Dimensions: x x 9mm | Battery size: 4, 200mAh | Max video quality: 4K 60fps | Storage: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB | Memory card slot: YesPhenomenal battery powered lifeBrilliant camerasFrustratingly limited softwareBig camera bumpThe Huawei P40 Pro is the ideal camera phone you can purchase for under $/ 900 it’s that easy. In reality, for a certain kind of photographer – one that appreciates a telephoto camera – it’s just the very best camera phone about, period. Recommending it comes with its very own set of caveats awarded the Huawei/Google situation though. That is why despite its comprehensive list of top notch features, you definitely need to read our P40 Pro review prior to choosing one up